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Susan's Philosophy

Rather than relying on formulas that rarely work for everyone,
Susan emphasizes individual strengths and skills.

🧾 Susan's Story

Susan brings over 35 years of experience working with young people in a variety of settings ranging from outdoor education and counseling to private high school teaching and administration.

🖨 Susan's Approach
Susan has an innate knack for being able to meet and accept students at this point in their lives. Through her 25 year teaching and counseling career, she is able to assist students in discovering their educational goals.


Some of What Susan Provides


Susan’s ability to help students access the personal reflections and topics that they would like to write about gives them the tools and confidence in written communication. She also tutors high school students in writing using a number of different writing programs.
📋 Skill Assessment

Formulas rarely work for every person, so Susan’s services are customized to an individual learner’s style and she emphasizes individual strengths.
💻 Major/College Matching

Whether the student is totally focused or in the discovery process, Susan works to help students define their own path.
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