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Susan's Philosophy

Rather than relying on formulas that rarely work for everyone,
Susan emphasizes individual strengths and skills.

🧾 Susan's Story

Susan brings over 35 years of experience working with young people in a variety of settings ranging from outdoor education and counseling to private high school teaching and administration.

🖨 Susan's Approach
Susan has an innate knack for being able to meet and accept students at this point in their lives. Through her 25 year teaching and counseling career, she is able to assist students in discovering their educational goals.


Some of What Susan Provides


Susan’s ability to help students access the personal reflections and topics that they would like to write about gives them the tools and confidence in written communication. She also tutors high school students in writing using a number of different writing programs.
📋 Skill Assessment

Formulas rarely work for every person, so Susan’s services are customized to an individual learner’s style and she emphasizes individual strengths.
💻 Major/College Matching

Whether the student is totally focused or in the discovery process, Susan works to help students define their own path.
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Success Stories

Ramana Murthy
Parent • Monta Vista High School Students

"We have had the good fortune to work with Susan starting in 2013 when our daughter was a high school sophomore. Because of our wonderful experience, we entrusted Susan to also guide our son.  Our daughter is in her final year at the University of Toronto and our son is a freshman at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Both children had acceptances from excellent colleges (private and public) in the US and Canada (eg. Bard, Oberlin, Emory, McGill). Susan’s biggest strength is that she is first and foremost an advocate for the student. Other counselors we’ve talked to have a very much cookie cutter approach; they’ll do a quick analysis of the numbers attached to the student (ACT/SAT/GPA) and shunt the students to an appropriate school.  We’ve recommended Susan to many of our friends, and everyone was happy."

Barb Vella
Parent • Monta Vista High School Students

"If you are lucky enough to engage Stanaway Education Consultants then you are fortunate. There is a caring and hands-on approach and each child is known. They are extremely knowledgeable, highly focused, and know their stuff. Susan worked with both of my children helping them explore university options, and to find their unique voice for their submission essays. I highly recommend Stanaway Education Consultants they are a top notch organization."

Mohan Srinivasan
Parent • Cupertino High School Students

‍"Susan Stanaway has been the writing teacher and college counselor for all of our 3 children. Susan provides truly personalized counseling support, starting with a deep understanding of each student’s interests, strengths and goals. Her approach is very different from the “one size fits all, US News rankings” based approach. In our case, each child had a very different set of interests and strengths, and Susan was fantastic at directing them towards schools which would be good matches for them. My children were successful and happy with their college application process and outcomes. They attend a mix of very different public and private colleges (U of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, Vassar College, Brown University), and each had a wide set of colleges into which they were accepted. Finally, I was extremely impressed with how the college essays for my children turned out. I highly recommend Susan for your college counseling and writing needs!"

Zayhaan Batlivala
Student • University of Michigan

"I worked with Susan for only a few months for the college application process but in those months we accomplished a lot. Susan will not only help you find relevant, captivating topics to write about, but she also will help you take ideas you may already have and refine to another level. I think one of her greatest strengths is listening and understanding your ideas before you even begin writing. One of the biggest problems I had was that I could talk about what I wanted to write, but had trouble getting it on paper and using the "write" language within the requirements of college essays. Susan helped focus my ideas, and translate them onto the paper and it was clear that she knew the message I was trying to get across. At the end of the application and admission process, I was not only getting into my top choices, but I found that I was much better at writing about myself and my experiences. Susan truly is focused on giving her students life skills and her goal is bigger than simply getting them into the schools. "


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