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Susan can help with: Essay development, gap year guidance, college applications, interviews, course planning, skill assessment, college matching, internships and morePrice range: $ $ $ $ $
Susan charges by the hour and does not offer packages. Some sliding scale available for special circumstances.


Essay & Resume Development (Beginning through Final Edits)
While high school students are working so hard to master expository writing, they have had very little time to self-reflect and write a narrative essay. Susan’s ability to help students access the personal reflections and topics that they would like to write about combined with the Six-Traits Approach to Writing gives them the tools and confidence in written communication. 
An educational resume is unlike a job resume. Students will craft a vibrant picture of themselves through their 3D educational resume which can be used as an introduction to college admissions personnel.

Comprehensive College and Gap Year Guidance
Whether the student is totally focused or in the discovery process, Susan works to help students define their own path. It is her goal that what may begin as a team approach (Mom, Dad, teachers, and student) evolves over the senior year into a self-actualized high school graduate who is ready for college. Together students and families will develop a comprehensive college list that is achievable. College lists will include, safety schools, matches, and realistic reach programs. Students can choose to work with Susan throughout the entire college application process or can focus on one particular area in which they need support.

College Applications for All Majors (Astronomy -> Zoology)
Whether you have decided on your career path or are still exploring, Susan can assist with finding the best college program to suit your needs. She has helped students find their majors whether it be computer science, fashion design, engineering, or an interdisciplinary major. While colleges are ranked overall, sometimes the top program within a field may be different from the overall ranking.

Educational interviews differ from college to college, whether you are applying for a professional advanced degree or an undergraduate degree, Susan teaches interview etiquette and protocol. She prepares you for the questions you may be asked during college interviews AND helps you prepare your interview questions for your college visits so that you present yourself in the most positive and competent light.

Strategic High School Course Planning
Making sure you have the foundation for the college or university you are pursuing is important. High school students start as early as freshman year to plan out their course and make adjustments as needed. For example, if you are already certain you want to do engineering, take physics as early as possible (or consider math classes not offered in high school at De Anza). If you are interested in psychology and your high school doesn’t offer a course in it, take a concurrent course at De Anza.

Skill Assessment & Support (Executive Functioning, Study Habits, Time Management, etc)
Susan offers training in time/stress management, organizational skills, and career assessment to prepare students for the college transition.

College Matching for Students with Special Needs or Special Circumstances
As an educator, Susan has over 25 years experience working with students and recognizes that not everyone learns in the same way. With over 4000 colleges in the United States, people are sometimes unaware that colleges deliver content in different ways. Susan works to incorporate not only the best program content for each student, but the best pedagogical match for each student.

Summer Pre-college Programs and Internships
Susan provides an evolving list of summer pre-college programs. Whether they be exploratory or a deeper dive into research, healthcare, business, or art; Susan finds summer programs that will inform students' career paths.

“Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.”

— George Bernard Shaw

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